Supporting SVGR

Helps SVGR to keep up with React ecosystem.

I (Greg Bergé) am the creator of SVGR and the only maintainer. As of today SVGR is used in almost all React projects. It is downloaded 4.5M times per week, it's huge! To help you realize what it represents, Next.js is downloaded 2M times per week.

Maintaining a project like SVGR takes time, answering to users, fixing bugs, follow the React features, releasing updates. If you are a developer, you know that even the smallest task takes time.

SVGR is not sponsored by any of the big project using it and not sponsored by any of big company using it. I am not asking for having a good salary like some maintainers do, no. But I would really appreciate a small encouragement ☺️.

The easiest way for that is sponsoring me on GitHub or donating on OpenCollective.

Thank you! ❤️

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