Migrate to v6

This guide will help you migrating from SVGR v5.x to SVGR v6.x.


@svgr/webpack is now only compatible with webpack 5.

It still works with deprecated url-loader and file-loader but it is recommended to use asset modules available in webpack 5.

Report to SVGR webpack documentation to learn more about it.


SVGR v6 now uses SVGO v2 and does not merge config any more.

If you have a custom SVGO configuration (using a dedicated file or using svgo key in SVGR config), then please follow SVGO migration guide.

Configuration are not merged any more, it means you have to remove viewBox by yourself if you use a custom SVGO config with --icon or --no-dimensions option.

"name": "preset-default",
"params": {
"overrides": {
"removeViewBox": false

Command line options

It is now recommended to add -- to separate files from arguments. Since --icon can now accept an optional size, it could break your command if you have --icon as the last argument.


svgr --icon assets/svg


svgr --icon -- assets/svg


Template signature has changed, it is now much more simpler to create custom templates. Also you don't have to do anything specific to use TypeScript in your template. If you need some Babel specific things you have to import it by yourself from the relevant Babel package.


const template = (
{ template },
{ imports, interfaces, componentName, props, jsx, exports },
) => {
const plugins = ['jsx']
if (opts.typescript) {
const typeScriptTpl = template.smart({ plugins })
return typeScriptTpl.ast`${imports}
function ${componentName}(${props}) {
return ${jsx};
module.exports = template


const template = (variables, { tpl }) => {
return tpl`
const ${variables.componentName} = (${variables.props}) => (
module.exports = template

Programmatic usage

@svgr/core now exposes transform as a named export instead of using the default export.


import transform from '@svgr/core'


import { transform } from '@svgr/core'

ES Modules

SVGR v6 will be the last version to support CommonJS. If you are still using CommonJS you should Get Ready For ESM as soon as possible.

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