Custom Templates

Customize template to personalize the result React component.

Custom Component template

A custom template takes place in a file that exports a "template function".

This function is called in a babel plugin: babel-plugin-transform-svg-component and must returns a Babel AST. If you are not familiar with all Babel stuff, you should read this guide.

  • variables: All pre-compiled variables by SVGR
    • componentName: The component name
    • props: The properties
    • interfaces: All necessary interfaces (typescript)
    • imports: All necessary imports
    • exports: The export of the component
    • jsx: The JSX part of the component
  • context:
    • tpl: A built-in template-tag function to create template
    • options: Options passed to babel-plugin-transform-svg-component

The following template is the default template used by SVGR. It is a good idea to start with it:

const template = (variables, { tpl }) => {
return tpl`
const ${variables.componentName} = (${variables.props}) => (
module.exports = template

Let's try something very simple. You want to add some PropTypes to your component:

const propTypesTemplate = (
{ imports, interfaces, componentName, props, jsx, exports },
{ tpl },
) => {
return tpl`${imports}
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
function ${componentName}(${props}) {
return ${jsx};
${componentName}.propTypes = {
title: PropTypes.string,
module.exports = propTypesTemplate

As you can see it is very natural, we just add code and use AST parts in the template.

Use with CLI

You can use component template in the CLI:

npx @svgr/cli --template template.js -- my-icon.svg

Use with config

Specify the template in .svgrrc.js:

// .svgrrc.js
module.exports = {
template: require('./my-template'),

Custom index template

When you use the CLI with --out-dir option, an index file is automatically generated.

The customization is the same, a file that exports a function:

const path = require('path')
function defaultIndexTemplate(filePaths) {
const exportEntries = => {
const basename = path.basename(filePath, path.extname(filePath))
const exportName = /^\d/.test(basename) ? `Svg${basename}` : basename
return `export { default as ${exportName} } from './${basename}'`
return exportEntries.join('\n')
module.exports = defaultIndexTemplate

Use with CLI

You can use component template in the CLI:

npx @svgr/cli --index-template index-template.js -- my-icon.svg
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